Alexander Peden c.1626 - 1686

Charismatic covenanter.
Born at Sorn (near Mauchline) and educated at Glasgow University, Peden became a teacher at Tarbolton and then Minister of New Luce, Dumfries and Galloway (1660). Peden was forced out following the restoration of King Charles II because he opposed the Episcopal system which was being enforced, where bishops and the King held power in the church, rather than the Presbyterian system, which involved much greater democracy.
Peden preached at coventicles around the country, but was forced to flee to Ireland in 1665.
He returned in 1673 but was captured near Ballantrae, taken for trial in Edinburgh and imprisoned on the Bass Rock (East Lothian) until 1678.

peden1 peden2
peden3 Photos.
Top left - The Peden Memorial.
Top right - Inscription on memorial stone.
Left - Memorial church, ruins.

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