Two who survived the battle and afterwards suffered martyrdom in the Grassmarket of Edinburgh, on the 13th August, were John Malcolm and Archibald Alison, to whom Cargill found time to send a long and interesting letter, from which we make the following extract:
Death in Christ and for Christ is never much to be bemoaned, and loss at this time than any other, when those that survive have nothing to live among but miseries, persecutions, snares, sorrows, and sinning, and where the only desirable sight - viz., Christ reigning in a free and flourishing Church, is wanting.
Your work is great and time short; but this is a comfort, and the only comfort in your present condition, that you have a God infinite in mercy to deal with, who is ready at all times to forgive, but especially persons in your case, who have been jeopardising your lives on account of the Gospel . . . Dear friends, be not terrified at the manner of your death, which to me seems to be the easiest of all, where you come to it without pain and in perfect judgment, and go through so speedily; before the pain be felt, the glory is come. But pray for a greater measure of His presence, which only can make a pass through the hardest things cheerful and pleasant. . I bid you farewell, expecting, though our parting be sad, our gathering shall be joyful again. Only our great advantage in the case you are in is to credit Him much; for that is His glory, and engages Him to perform whatever you have credited Him with.”
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