SACRAMENTAL DISCOURSES - after the tables were served.

After all the Tables were over, Mr Livingatone proceeded thus

IT is not proper now, to speak anything more, because what we speak now may but justle out what we have spoken already. Oh, that ye could but remember the half of what hath been said; for Christ pities your bodies that have continued here so long. But I hope that, though ye are now to take your leave of us, ye are not minded to take your leave of Him. Therefore say, “Lord, hast Thou any more service for us to do?” and He will answer you, “Yea, I have the old and new commandment to give you, that ye love one another. Keep peace, and treat one another well for my sake.” A good journey I hope some of you hath made towards heaven, and thanks be to God the door is yet open. And therefore be requested, 0 ye strangers, yet come in; and you who have communicated unworthily, begin just now and repent; for if ye know Him, ye would ask Him, and He would give you living waters. But intending to say no more at present, let us first pray and then praise.

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