Infant Baptism
Short Biography for Hurried Enquirers
Longer Biography, from "Westminster Divines"
Wholesome Severity reconciled with Christian Liberty
Biography by Alexander Whyte
The Ministry an Ordinance of Christ
What is meant by "Heresies" in scripture.
Of Stability and Firmness in the Truth
Whether a Sound Heart and an Unsound Head can Consist together
Of Uniformity in Religion, Worship, and Church Government
Of the Election of Pastors with the Congregation's Consent.
The True, Safe and Real Grounds of Encouragements to Believers

St. Giles Church, Edinburgh.

Useful Links Naphtali Press - Sermon on Wholesome Severity Article by Chris Coldwell on his anonymous writings biographical article by A.Whyte. Biography and links. Article on Head-covering.

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