These are just a small sample of the works left to us

A Short Biography - by Douglas
Longer Biography - from "Scottish Divines"
The Wind of the Holy Ghost upon the "Dry Bones" Ez.37:9
The Believer Exalted -in Imputed Righteousness - Isaiah 45: 24-25
The Humble Soul the Particular Favourite of Heaven - Job 22:29
The Backslider Characterised - Hebrews Chapter 10:38
The Necessity and Profitableness of Good Works Asserted - John 7:17
The King is Held in the Galleries - Canticles 7:5
Unbelief Arraigned and Condemned at the Bar of God - John 16:8,9
God's Little Remnant Keeping their Garments Clean in an Evil Day - Revelation 3:4
The Secession Church and its Origins - by John Ker D.D.

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