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BONAR, BOSTON, M'CHEYNE, AND MORE! Throughout its history, Scotland has produced its share of noteworthy preachers, and getting to know them better is a worthwhile experience for all Christians. We'll be looking at some of these Scottish preachers in this article, as well as looking at related rich resources on the Web.
You may (or may not) recognize names like Andrew and Horatio Bonar, Thomas Boston, William Guthrie, Robert Haldane, John Knox, Robert Murray M'Cheyne, Samuel Rutherford, Robert Traill, and Alexander Whyte. If you don't know them, you may want to get to know them, because there is much that they can teach us today.
Some of them you may know without knowing that you know them. That could be true of Horatio (or Horatius) Bonar, who is the author of many hymns, some of which you may know well. For example, you'll find over a dozen of his hymns in the Trinity Hymnal, including "Blessing and Honor and Glory and Power," "A Few More Years Shall Roll," "Go, Labor On," "Fill Thou My Life, O Lord My God," "Here, O My Lord, I See Thee Face to Face," "I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say," "I Lay My Sins on Jesus," "I Was a Wandering Sheep," "No, Not Despairingly Come I to Thee," "Not What My Hands Have Done," "O Love of God, How Strong and True," "Thy Way, Not Mine, O Lord," "Thy Works, Not Mine, O Christ," and "When the Weary, Seeking Rest."
An excellent Web site to use as a starting place to learn more about Scottish Preachers of the past is this one: Scottish Preachers' Hall of Fame (home page)
The webmaster, Alan Newble, acknowledges his substantial debt to another site: Hall of Church History
We looked at Phil Johnson's Hall of Church History in a past issue of CATI:
The Hall of Church History: Wisdom from the Past

Previous issues of CATI also referred briefly to a Scottish Preachers site, but that site, the work of Sean Richardson, is no longer around. Fortunately, Alan Newble - who started his site independently - is now here to maintain that tradition, with Sean Richardson's permission and encouragement.
The emphasis at Alan Newble's Scottish Preachers site is especially on the Scottish Reformers (including John Knox and Andrew Melville) and the Scottish Puritans (including Thomas Boston, William Guthrie, Samuel Rutherford, William Traill, and others). Many suffered or even died (often at an early age) because of their Christian faith, and their lives and writings are a real inspiration to Christians today.
When I speak of the Scottish Reformers, I have in mind, of course, not the original Reformation (involving Martin Luther and John Calvin), but the "Second Reformation of Scotland." On his site, Newble provides a brief overview of that time period: The Second Reformation of Scotland He also provides two background articles on Puritanism by J.I. Packer: The Puritan Vision of the Christian Life
Puritan Evangelism
Packer has done much in his various writings on the Puritans to show people that in history the Puritans have often been maligned and misrepresented. He introduces us to the real Puritans, many of whom are included on Newble's Web site.

The best place to start at his site is not the introductory home page mentioned earlier, but this page: Scottish Preachers' Hall of Fame On this page you will find two- or three-sentence descriptions of the Scottish preachers included, as well as links to sites (or sections of his own site) where you will find some more information about these men and/or find their writings.
Here's a selection of some of the links he provides (arranged here in alphabetical order for ease of reference):
Bonar, Andrew A.
Bonar, Horatius
Boston, Thomas
Candlish, Robert Smith
Chalmers, Thomas
Dickson, David
Gray, Andrew
Gray, Andrew (Perth)
Guthrie, Thomas
Guthrie, William
M'Cheyne, Robert Murray
Whyte, Alexander

I'll let you pursue Newble's site(s) as well as the other sites further at your own leisure.
Incidentally, you may notice that the photography on some of Newble's pages is breathtaking. That really should be of no surprise, because Alan Newble is an award-winning professional photographer. If you like good photography (and especially if you have an interest in railroads and railways, but also if you like other types of pictures), check out this starting point: The Alan Newble Photo-Resource Site

Here's how he introduces himself and the site: "Hello! I am Alan Newble and I am pleased to welcome you to this site. I hope you enjoy the pictures - if you don't like pictures, then go away! This site is Family-Friendly - all the images are viewable without offence by all. Should you wish to download and use any of the images for your own personal enjoyment, please do so."

Some of the photographs would make excellent jigsaw puzzles, so I think you can take those comments as permission to use his pictures with the Traver Jigsaw program made available as a gift to CATI readers:

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