Letter From King James to Melville and some Masters

The following charge taken from Calderwood, (MS. vol. iv. 8.) is corrected by another copy which Wodrow has inserted in his Life of Andrew Melville. (MSS. vol. xiv. BibI. Col. Glasg.)

Principall and Masters of the New Colledge, we greet you well.
For as much as we are informed certainly, That upon the Sunday, you assemble to your selves, a number both of burgh and land, and preaches to them in the English tongue and inveigh against the late Agreement, qwilch by the advice of the G. Assembly, was appointed for the Quietnes of the Kirk and Realm ; by great inconvenieneys may ensue: specially the Division of the members of the university, Gentlemen and Burgesses, who by yt means are abstracted from their parish kirk and pastors there ; We willing that no such occasion should ensue, and for the welifare and quietnes of the Toun and kirk there have By thir presents thot Good, That ye contean yourselves within the Bounds of your own vocation & calling, and in such languages as ye profess for the Instruction of the youth and that in no wise ye attempt Doctrine in English to ye people of the parish. we gave our commandment to Mr. Andreu Melvill returning to the Colledge, that he should not in any sort preach to the people; wherein if either ye or he continue we will take further order in time coming, that our appointment be not so lightly regarded. Thus we remit it from and to God,
From Hallyroodhous the 4. of Feb. 1586

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