Letter from Andrew Melville to Robert Durie at Leyden.

Right reverend and dearly beloved father in the Lord Jesus, your last letter was full of kyndly stuffe, and so was very sweet to me, namely your owne godly and constant resolution. Receave fra this bearar, your sone Johne, his oration with thanks, and great hope he shall be a good instrument after our departing. We have heard nothing farther of Scotts or Inglish newes, but only the returning of Mr. Digby ambassadar from Spaine who be now adjoyned to the secret counsall for his faithfull service. So that we look to hear shortly of the L. Somerset & his la. and vyers their acomplices. We expect the returning of our duke and prince from Parise this weeke at the farrest, the peace being ratified from the parliament of Parise. From Mr. Johne Forbess neuer a word haue we yet receaved, and so remaine we in suspence: only the ministrie of Flissing as you wrait appears to say sumthing, wheaeof I gather litle comfort or gratious answer from the monarche, Lord be mercifull to his chosen and faithfull servants. I thank yon for Roseus and Godartius, things goes not evill as we haue heard. But we cannot bot feare the act from the state to the classes, howbeit we know not as yet the contents thereof. I thank you also for Mr. Robert Bruce that constant confessor and almost martyr of our Lonl Jesus. The Lord keep him and His for ever. I never remember him and his without comfort and heart lift up to God And so alsoe when I remember or hears or speaks of any of you all that suffers for Christ and his church. Faine wold I heare good things from Mr. William Scotte, Mr. Johne Carmicheil & Mr. Johne Dykes whous I hope the Lord hath not left destitute of his good spirit, but that they shine as burning lamps in the mids of that confused darkness. Mr. Patrick Symsone triumphes, whose ecclesiastick history 1 heare be cum furth bot not come to our hands. I cannot tell whats becum of Mr. Jas. Carmichelis labours, or whether he be yet aliue. Mr. Johne Davidsone left sum nots behind of our tyme, and so did Mr. Johne Jonstoun. I speak nothing of my cousing. I wold all were safe to mak out a true narration to the posterity. I left with my lufing and faithful gossep your father in law, Mr. Knox’s letters. I wish them to be furthcuming Mak my hartly commendations to him & his, and learne what you can of all. Let the bishops be mowdewarps. We will lay our treasure in the heavins quher they be sure. Fed niche nearer to St. Androis nor Darisie could not (saue) their fed sowe from the graue.My collect grauell and gutte be messengers (bot not immportune) to spoile mu patience, bot to exercise my faith. My health is better nor I wold looke for in this age, praised be the thie true mediator To whose glorie it may serue, to the benefitt of his church. My cummer and all the bairns be locked wp in my heart; whom I recommend with you to the grace of our heavenly father in the bowels of the Lord Jesus. This in great haiste, with commendations to all friends thair.
Tuus ut suus

An. Melvill
Sedani 24 Maij 1616

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