F.W.GRANT (1834-1902)
Giant of the Bible


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Born in Putney, London, England and emigrating to Canada for work, he settled later in America and became one of Christianity's most honoured and respected Bible exponents. Read his biography, look at some of his works, and wonder how an ordinary mortal could find time and energy to do it! They didn't have the TV in those days, but everyone else found plenty to do without it, and Grant's achievements are amazing, and his insights into the true meaning of Holy Scripture are absolutely wonderful. Follow the links to see some of the extracts from his "Numerical Bible" and see for yourself.
One of the group of Christians known to the world as "Plymouth Brethren", a title rejected by them as inaccurate and sectarian, he became an "Exclusive" meaning he accepted separation form those deemed to be walking disorderly. He was a warm and friendly character, however, as you can read in his biography.
This site is being as used as a centre for "brethren" resource material wider than that written by Grant, however, as the movement is incredibly rich in wonderful biblical riches. So use the links page for loads of good stuff and please email me if you wish to ask questions. For anyone out there wanting to know why we Christians bother with all this stuff, I suggest you click HERE or on "God's Plan" below the books. (The books should be beneath God's plan, really.......)

Some Quotes....

"It is the character of the Word of God to leave something to be the reward for diligence." (FW Grant)
Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus "wrapped that incorruptible body in spices, for it is to be fragrant for evermore to all His people as the death like which there is no other," observed F. W. Grant.
"The thought of a ruined condition of the earth succeeding its original creation...is required by the typical view" (F. W. Grant).

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