Those blessings are sweetest that are won with prayers and worn with thanks.
- Thomas Goodwin

Welcome to this site on the man who is, in my opinion, an eminently readable puritan. Like Richard Baxter, the works we have breathe practical, helpful and sensible advice for pastor and people alike. Oliver Cromwell, that very practical puritan who brought Britain from being despised the world over, to being respected alike, and gave to Scotland its precious Presbyterianism, and preserved England for Protestantism, got Goodwin for his Chaplain - no small accolade! Some twelve volumes of his works have come down to us - there may be more, but if so I am ignorant of it, so far. I shall endeavour to place samples of all his works on line, or provide links to them where someone else already has. If you know nothing of Goodwin, can I suggest you go first to the Literature page, and read his quite exciting biography? Do you realise - this man went to University at age 12, having already the Greek and Hebrew required for entry?

London Bridge
This is the Houses of Parliament in London, taken from the bridge over the Thames.

What is a Puritan, and why should I want to read one? Read Jim Packer first.

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