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Some questions, answered from Chafer's "Systematic Theology"

Question: I have been researching the issue of Sabbath keeping, and have found based on different interpretations of the same scripture arguments on which day we should be keeping and arguments on whether this is even an issue. Are we not still to keep all of the ten commandments even under grace? How can I be certain that I'm not voiding my salvation by working on the Sabbath or worshipping on the wrong day?
Answer: You have asked a good series of questions. I will try to answer you as best I can from the scriptures as well as a writer who I believe has great insight on the subject, his name is Lewis Sperry Chafer. He writes the following concerning the Lord's Day vs. The Sabbath:

"Throughout the history of the church, a new day has been observed which superceded the Jewish Sabbath, and this change of days has not been contrary to the teachings of the Bible, as some insist; it has rather, been according to the revealed plan and purpose of God. There are certain biblical reasons for this change:
1] The Mosiac System Has Ceased
The whole Mosaic system, including it's Sabbath day, has given way to grace.......
2] A New Day Is Divinely Appointed Under Grace
[PS 118:22-24] In this scripture, both the death and resurrection of Christ are in view. He was the rejected Stone , and His Father through the resurrection, has made Him the the Headstone of the Corner. The resurrection was appointed to take place on a certain day which the Lord determined, and that day was by divine intention to be celebrated with joy and gladness.
3] A New Day Is Indicated By Important Events
Beginning with the resurrection, and following it, every event recorded in the New Testament which had important religious significance fell on the first day of the week, or the Lord's day. No greater emphasis through events could be given to this day than that found in the teachings of grace, and, added to this, is the fact that in these same scriptures the Sabbath day is wholly set aside. If it be claimed that there is no direct commandment for the keeping of the Lord's day, it should be observed that there is explicit command against the observance of the Sabbath day, and that lack of commandments concerning the Lord's day is both in accordance with the character of the new day, and the entire order of grace which it represents and to which it is related. please read here, Col 2:14-16
4] The New Day Typlifies The New Creation
The rite of circumcision, being accomplished on the eighth day, was a suggestion of the spiritual circumcision of the flesh which Christ wrought by His death and resurrection. The eighth day was the first day following a completed week. It is thus a picture of that new order which came through the death and resurrection of Christ.[Col 2:11]
5] The New Day Has Been Blessed Of God
Christians have observed the Lord's day for nearly 2000 years with the evident blessing of God upon it. Among them have been the most devout of believer's; the martyr's, missionaries, and a countless throng of those who would have passed through any trial or persecution to know and do the will of God." 1 I might add that Christ fulfilled the Law for us, and if we receive Him as our Lord and Savior, our faith in Him is what causes us to be righteous in God's sight [Rom 10:4]. May the Lord continue to lead you into His truth!

L. S. Chafer, Systematic Theology, Vol. 4, pg. 115-123

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