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The Talyllyn Railway had its beginnings in the slate industry, as did so many railways in Wales, and a few of the images below may give you a taste of this. It was the first railway in the world to be preserved, but you must look to the TR main web-site (see below) for the history, however. This is a photo gallery!

 Here you will find a collection of photo's taken over 20-odd years - my first visit being in 1976 just after the Nant Gwernol extention was opened. I had signed-on as a cleaner. Herbert Jones, loco. superintendant, saw to it I was not long a cleaner and soon I was a fireman. That visit was the first of countless....

The line exerted its fatal attraction before the week was out, as well. I found myself "hooked" - and have gone on to become Guard, and Blockman and continued taking photos as and when opportunity arose. Doing a web-site became an idea which was still-born when I discovered that it had already been done! The idea of a Photo-Gallery arose, however, and the official TR Webmaster liked the idea, so here it is. I hope you like it.

The Photo Gallery

Click here for access to the best Talyllyn Photo Gallery in the world -ever! Talyllyn from 1976 up to about 2001. From the inside.

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Alan's Railway Pictures

Click for Alan's original site, full of images of steam and diesel. These have been taken over 30 years - and are very popular (over 15,000 visitors)

Alan's Photo Gallery

Some railway pics. Mostly "other" pictures, and you can send a friend a postcard from this site (if you like the pictures). Free!

Talyllyn Railway Web Site

If you got here by some other route, this is where you find out all about the line that prompted this website.

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Alan Newble's Personal Page For those with a morbid curiosity about who built this site...BEWARE, this could shock and horrify you! It has alternative trains on!! And Diesels!


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 UPDATE - 2008
Events in 2002 and 2003 have conspired to change the direction of the holidays of my wife and I, and we now spend all our available time elsewhere. The Talyllyn will see us only rarely - we are not too disappointed as the scene around Tywyn is changing rapidly and not always for the better!
So this website can be seen as a "The Way it Was" valedictory of the late 90's.