If pre-fixed by "D" taken with Sanyo Digital Camera, 1.3 MegaPixels.

Other images mostly taken with Olympus OM1/2 or Pentax Spotmatic/Automatic SLRs as transparencies, and copied to Kodak CD. Zoom lens was mostly my invaluable Vivitar Series 1 70-220, f. 3.5.

Some prints and slides coming later on the scene were scanned in with Canoscan FS 2710 film-scanner.

Copyright All images, unless otherwise noted, taken by, and

copyright of Alan Newble c.1998 - 2002

Website constructed using Web Express software, amended later with Hot Dog Pro. V6

Photo's tweaked with Corel PhotoPaint - (it's more jpg-friendly) - mostly

just contrast and sharpness, also using its extremely useful "Intellihance" filter as required.

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