Not so many this year, not at lot changed. But the CTRL was completed
and we have a few pictures showing the new line at work. these are taken from the roof
of International House, opposite the station, but not in sunny weather!
Compare the views with those in 2000 of the early phases of construction.

67026ash03t. . 67026 at Ashford on the Pullman, tailed by 66106 66106ash03rt. . 66105 on the rear of the Pullman - September 2003.
375735ash03t. 375735 at Ashford on through road 37603_4eurot. 37603 and 604 towing a Eurostar - empty, it appeared from a quick view.
ctrleurot. Eurostar on new CTRL line through Ashford, from roof of International House ctrleuro2t. Eurostar on new CTRL line disappearing under road bridge
rooffreight03t.  Freight on the main-line. See new line on right of picture. 37065pullt 37065 on the rear of the Pullman.