A very interesting year, to be sure, as the CTRL nears completion. Photos are fewer however, as personal circumstances grew more difficult, and "new" pics. also more difficult to find. Beechbrook farm, where the infrastructure of the new line is being assembled, is interesting, but mostly 66s are there - red and green, but looking deplorably similar. However there are many shots of Beechbrook, including the newly arrived Twenties from France. So some of these were taken in '01, but not removed from the camera till '02!

10011001Hast 2x66sgreen66 3500535005 35005b35005 375606375606
5900259002 5920159201 5920159201b 5920259202 5920259202b
5920659206 59206b 59206 6004260042 6008660086 66_92 66+92
F/liner 6666605 Iris 2Iris2 2018620186  66531+66531 531+52966531_529
6661066610 6661166611 66611b66611b beech12beech15 beech15beech12
beech4beech4 beech5beech5 beech6beech6 Lots more to come,
yet to be developed